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Traditional vs. Direct Dental Care

by Jul 3, 2024Direct Dental Care

Traditional vs. Direct Dental Care

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Direct Dental Care

Direct Dental Care is the future of dentistry.

If you haven’t heard of it, Imagine a world where going to the dentist is straightforward, affordable, and even pleasant. It’s been getting traction in the medical world.  At Rising Dental Club, we’re making this a reality with our Direct Dental Care model. Spearheaded by Dr. Matt Ross, we’re shifting away from traditional, often frustrating dental care systems and embracing a more transparent, patient-focused approach. Let’s dive into what this means for you and how it can transform your dental experience.

The Frustrations of Traditional Dental Care

If you’ve ever felt uneasy about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. Many people worry about high costs, unclear treatment plans, and whether they can truly trust their dentist’s recommendations. Traditional dental insurance often adds to this stress with its confusing policies and limited coverage. These hurdles can make you hesitant to seek the care you need, potentially leading to more serious and costly dental problems down the line.

What is Direct Dental Care?

Direct Dental Care is designed with you in mind. Instead of dealing with insurance companies, you pay a simple monthly fee that covers a wide array of dental services. This membership model prioritizes preventive care and fosters a stronger, more honest relationship between you and your dentist. Without the pressure to perform unnecessary procedures for financial gain, your dentist can focus solely on what’s best for your health.

How Rising Dental Club Benefits You

  1. Transparent Pricing: Say goodbye to surprise bills. With Rising Dental Club, you know exactly what you’re paying for. Your membership fee covers routine check-ups, cleanings, x-rays, and even more extensive treatments like fillings and extractions. No hidden costs, no guessing games.
  2. Comprehensive Care: Whether you need a simple cleaning or more advanced procedures like crowns, implants, or orthodontics, our membership has you covered. We even offer significant discounts on specialized treatments.
  3. Enhanced Patient Experience: Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities. With no insurance hoops to jump through, you’ll enjoy more quality time with your dentist. Plus, our virtual care options mean you can get dental advice and support without leaving your home.
  4. Cost Savings: Traditional dental insurance often limits annual coverage to around $1,500, which doesn’t go far with major dental work. Our Direct Dental Care model offers substantial savings and removes the need for expensive premiums and co-pays, making it easier for you to budget your dental expenses. See Pricing.

A Real-World Example

Consider this: You’re told you need a crown. Under a traditional insurance plan, you might face significant out-of-pocket costs despite having coverage. But with Rising Dental Club, your membership covers this procedure, or you’ll pay a much lower rate. This clear, predictable cost structure gives you peace of mind and financial security.


At Rising Dental Club, we’re redefining dental care to be more patient-friendly and effective. Our Direct Dental Care model eliminates the barriers imposed by traditional insurance, making it easier for you to receive the care you need. By focusing on prevention and transparency, we empower you to take control of your dental health. Join us at Rising Dental Club and discover a new way of caring for your smile.

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