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A Patient-Centered, insurance-Free Dental Care Experience

Our team delivers and maintains complete oral health for one flat fee. We believe in changing the healthcare system, and it starts with putting the patient first.

But, why does the dental industry make things so difficult?

It's Too Expensive

Care is too expensive and it only seems to be getting worse. Increasing costs lead to reactive health care instead of proactive healthcare.


It feels like every time you go to the dentist you need more service. This is called “fee-for-service” healthcare. It can be hard to trust providers that are incentivized to provide service.

Insurance Company

Insurance actually makes everything in dentistry more expensive and confusing. We agree!

Unexpected Bills

Ever received an unexpected healthcare bill in the mail, even after your provider told you the cost of work?

a new way is Rising…

We help you achieve your healthy smile with simplicity, transparency, and affordability.


A Dentist with the right incentives

Our dentists think like you: Let’s prevent problems before they happen, and conservatively treat problems when they do happen.


Transparent pricing

One simple monthly fee – NO co-pays, NO bills, NO surprises. Exclusive pricing on specialty care.


Advanced Technology

Utilizing state-of-the-art dental technoloy for some of the most advanced dental treatment options available.


Whitening Membership

Custom-made bleaching devices and whitening for members. Healthy and white smiles for every member


Concierge Access

Unlimited tele-health access to your care team. Communication the modern health way.


Dentistry covered in your membership


Porcelain Crowns


White/Composite Fillings


Exams (Including Virtual)


Preventive services


Basic AND Deep Cleanings


Tooth Extractions

It’s simple to join the thousands of people switching to the direct healthcare system.

  1. Select a location and purchase a membership or a trial

  2. Schedule your first appointment online or call the office to meet your dentist

  3. Establish your dental care plan and put your oral health on autopilot!

End the stressful cycle of dental care decision making.

Show people around you who you are with a smile you are proud of.

What does the American Dental Association have to say about Direct Primary Dental Care?

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