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Direct Dental Care is a Win for Employers

by Dec 5, 2022Employer Benefits

Direct Dental Care is a Win for Employers

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Employer Benefits

Employers want their employees healthy. 

Teeth included. 

Even if you’ve never employed someone yourself, keeping them healthy is common sense. 

As a general rule, healthy employees are present at work, and more likely to be productive, and focused. You and your customers can rely on them… and when they show up for work, you thank your lucky stars. 

Unhealthy ones? 

Not so much. 

When push comes to shove, they’re out for a doctor’s visit. They’re stuck at home recovering, or waiting on a test result. When they do come in, they’re often unproductive, unfocused, and saddled with other concerns. Even with an insurance plan, their claims, benefits, and medical bills pile up in ways you never imagined. 

Between poor health and expensive treatment that may not even be covered by third party insurance, they’re usually not happy. 

Not pretty.

To put it bluntly, healthy, happy employees are money in the bank. But chronically unhealthy employees are a costly burden—not only in terms of absence, insurance claims, and lost productivity, but also when it comes to basic reliability.

Employees’ poor health causes loss of production estimates at $575 billion and 1.58 billion days a year, according to the Integrated Benefits Institute and Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that for every one dollar spent on healthcare benefits, $.61 is lost to illness and injury.” -EBO 

In the end, unhealthy employees contribute to an even bigger headache—employee turnover. 

And while throwing fancy, employer-sponsored dental insurance plans into the mix should help, it often doesn’t. If anything, an outdated, misaligned dental care model that drives up costs and erodes trust only makes employee retention harder. 

Dental Insurance is a Lose-Lose

For employers and employees alike, traditional employer-sponsored dental insurance doesn’t lighten the load. Rather, and where it claims to lower costs, the opposite occurs.

Like too many employer-sponsored health plans, dental insurance plans are expensive, constantly changing, and riddled with costs and fees that surprise everyone. In their best impression of the water levels in Venice, Italy, hidden costs of dental insurance seem to rise annually… and when a storm hits, you’re suddenly underwater.  

That happens because dental insurance is misaligned from the start. 

Rather than focusing on preventative dental care that saves time and money, encourages cooperation between patients, dentists, employers—all parties—and makes for all-around healthier teeth in the long run, the fee-for-service insurance model incentivizes dentists to pursue costly, invasive procedures. 

The kind that employers don’t need to pay for. 

Sadly, and while dental practices themselves do great work, third party insurance providers make trust, cooperation, and price transparency difficult. This misalignment moves more employees into the unhealthy / unhappy category that causes so many headaches. 

Employers lose, and their employees lose out as well. 

But It Doesn’t Have to be That Way 

What if employers could provide direct, unparalleled dental care to their employees at a fixed, monthly cost? What if that dental care came with no unused benefits, no surprise coverage limits, no unfulfilled reimbursements, and far fewer work days missed? 

What if participating employers saw:

  • No surprise fees 
  • Cost savings
  • Happier/healthier employers
  • Good incentives for recruitment and retention
  • Less employee absences and more productivity
  • All around cost savings 

…now wouldn’t that be something? 

It certainly would. 

More people would pay attention…and even more employees would switch from confusing, costly insurance plan to a healthier approach for everyone.

Direct Dental Care for Employers?

Yes, we invented it.

Rising Dental Club is part of a movement around the country—one offering employers a transparent, membership model of direct dental care for their employees. Our partnership with employers breezes past what traditional, employer dental insurance can offer. 

For a flat, monthly fee, your employees receive all the preventative dental care they need. 

That means no maximum coverage limits. 

That means 100 / 100 / 100 with no deductible. 

That includes invisalign. 

And rather than head-scratching extra fees, that includes clear, set costs for add-on cosmetic procedures. 

Above all, that means a trusting relationship between your employees and their dentist. Not to mention dental care that they (and you) will appreciate much more than a surprise root canal. 

In the end, that means employers see less turnover, less frustration, and all the benefits of a healthier, happier work culture… and at any rate, a few more gorgeous smiles in the office.  

Talk about a win-win-win. 

A Better Way is Rising

If you’ve had enough of frustrating, entangling dental insurance plans, give us a shout and learn more about the Direct Dental Care we offer. 

For employers of five to five thousand, our fixed monthly membership plan offers employees the best dental care in the world. Onsite, nearsite or virtual, we’re always available and always transparent. Preventative oral care that drives cooperation and satisfaction while eliminating costly procedures is always the goal. 

Come on over and see what you can save with an early adopter rate.  

Sign up and become a partner with Rising Dental Club today!

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