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The Best Method of Teeth Whitening

by Jun 27, 2022Procedures

The Best Method of Teeth Whitening

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Procedures

The Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

If you type ‘teeth whitening’ into a search bar, you’ll see a ton of options… too many, if you ask us. Between bleaching, take home kits, whitening strips worn at night, and all the way to removing stains with lasers, there’s no shortage of “methods” to brighten those pearly whites. 

So people claim. And while everyone promises a whiter smile, when you scroll down to the cost, what you see might blow your hair back.

That’s challenging because as far as looking your best goes, there’s every reason to whiten. Along with straightening, whitening your teeth is the surest, easiest way to get that bright attractive smile. While unfortunately, dental restorations like crowns and fillings can’t be whitened because they don’t bond with the whitening chemicals the same way enamel does, even yellow or stained teeth can become white with repeated treatment. 

But with so many options, what’s the best way to do it?  Is there a clear winner? Which method works best on stained or yellow teeth that haven’t been white in years? 

The answer, like many salient but little-known facts of oral health, will surprise you. 

When Best Practice means Best Method 

Most of these methods work in the short term… but they’re subpar at best. 

The truth is that teeth must be whitened again and again to maintain the best color, and the best way to do it isn’t whitening strips or laser treatment. Cheap, over the counter whitening strips are often expired, and may not even apply the hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that acts as the whitening agent.  

While they might seem fancy or futuristic, whitening treatments involving light or lasers are an expensive gimmick. While they don’t do much to maintain whiteness, they sometimes dry out and damage the enamel.  

The best teeth whitening method is to use custom teeth whitening trays made by a dentist, to apply professional grade whitening gel at home. Whitening trays come with virtually no risk, and unlike some dental office treatments, they reduce pain and sensitivity while getting the job done. 

How Teeth Whitening Works

At Rising Dental Club, teeth whitening starts with a standard procedure. 

At the first visit, members get a 3D scan of their teeth that lets us print a custom, 3D model. Using the model, we fabricate a custom bleaching tray for both jaws and then provide fresh, professional grade gel for home whitening. 

At home, members place a tiny amount of whitening gel in the tray, and then wear it for 30-60 minutes every day for a week. 

When they visit for a cleaning or a checkup, we top off their whitening gel supply so they can continue whitening at home two to four times a year, and maintain the bright, stainless color they want over the long term.  

From our perspective, helping members keep their teeth an optimal white is no cosmetic detail. We find that having whitened, clean-looking teeth gives a huge motivational boost to anyone looking to take their oral health seriously with proactive care. 

If teeth look that good, then of course they’re worth maintaining day in, day out.

3D Printing Bleaching Trays with Sprintray

3d Printing Dental Models for Bleaching Trays

So it Works. But What’s the Cost? 

Great question. 

With Rising Dental Club, where members pay a flat monthly fee and avoid the hassles of dental insurance, teeth whitening is free. 

The custom 3D whitening trays are free. 

The professional grade whitening gel is free. 

Refills are free as long as they’re with us. Rising Dental Club members get free whitening Gel refills for life at their cleaning appointments.

Where fancy whitening treatments aren’t included on dental insurance plans, they add up quickly… and this can leave patients with the only option of flimsy, over the counter whitening strips. 

Getting to use the best teeth whitening method for free is another reason to say farewell to dental insurance, and go with the Direct Dental Care of Rising Dental Club. Our model focuses on prevention, builds strong relationships between dentists and patients, and provides everything patients need with fixed prices and a flat monthly fee. 

So if you pay us a visit down in our Gilbert, Arizona office, (we’re opening more branches across the state and across the country, by the way), make sure you ask about free teeth whitening for Rising Dental Club members. 

From Teeth Whitening to Overall Experience…

A better way  is rising. 

With Direct Dental Care that avoids the premiums, hidden costs, and cumbersome billing of traditional dental insurance, oral health includes feeling great about the way your teeth look. 

Give us a call and become a member today!

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