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Deliver care like no other

Join the direct care movement and never look back…

Dental insurance is squeezing the industry from every direction, leading to lower quality care

Reimbursements are declining

Greedy insurance corporations will continue to serve their shareholders, not the patients

Coverage policies are murky

The more confusing they can make the coverage policies, the more friction they can create in the doctor-patient relationship

Treatment option "steerage"

You shouldn’t have to choose treatment options based on a third party payer’s guidelines

You became a dentist to care for your patients, not to be a salesman.

What’s the problem with fee-for-service healthcare?

Patient's are skeptical

Patient’s struggle to trust the dental profession, and rightly so. With a myriad of treatment options, patient’s are concerned about cost.

Production based income = Lose/lose

When did healthcare compensation become so heavily tied to production?

Bring the "care", in healthcare

Remember why you chose to join the dental industry? Your patient’s want to feel this!

Prevention + Minimally invasive dentistry

Finally be rewarded for delivering the conservative kind of dentistry that you would on a family member


Managing a dental practice is getting harder, but the Direct Primary Dental Care model is simple and transparent


Unneccesary Office overhead required to participate with insurance


or more of front office hours spent on insurance participation

Insurance participation has a cost, and it’s large. It requires:









Why is Direct Dental Care better?

Because providers can spend the right kind of time with patients, they can build the trust that dentistry really needs.

Deliver the right treatment

Minimally invasive treatment is at the heart of of our model

Change lives

Develop real relationships with your patient population and watch them fall in love with you

Deliver advanced dentistry

Our model encourages advanced dental care within the walls of the general dental care center

No volume driven goals

Eliminate the need to over-produce or up-sell just to make a paycheck

Reduce management headaches

Eliminate some of the worst parts of dentistry including insurance verification, treatment sales, financing, billing and collections

Lifestyle career

Find the compensation and lifestyle balance that works for you with predictable income

We partner with dentists in all settings

to provide the best dental care in the world

Established practices that want to grow

Add any number of patients to your practice or let us assist in practice management

Associate opportunities with a lifestyle focus

become the healthcare provider you always wanted to be

Startup practices

build something incredible from day one

Ready for a brighter future in dentistry?

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