Membership Pricing

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Enrollment Fee – $75 one time per family



Children are considered 20 and under. Children under 3 are free.



Family plan includes up to 5 children. Additional children $30.

Introductory offer

Want to try us out first?

Do you want to meet the doctor and hygenist first and experience the best way to manage your dental care? Come try us out with a cleaning, exam and x-rays. Once you love us, we can apply your payment towards your membership.

$75 adult – $30 child

Includes: Basic cleaning, fluoride, doctor exam, and x-rays. After purchasing the introductory offer, you will be redirected to schedule your appointments online.

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Member Pricing

Teeth Whitening

Deep Cleanings

Basic Cleanings

Flouride / Sealants

Exams / X-rays

White Fillings


Virtual Exams

Porcelain Crowns

Member Pricing









lab bill (≈$150)

Specialty Services

Root Canals

Cosmetic Crowns / Veneers

Implant + Crown



Bone Graft

Wisdom Tooth Removal


Night Guard

Specialty Services










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