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Membership Pricing



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Adults are 21 years and older

Enrollment Fee – $75 one time per family

12 month minimum required



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Children are 20 years and under

Enrollment Fee – $75 one time per family

12 month minimum required



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Family plan includes up to 5 children

Enrollment Fee – $75 one time per family

12 month minimum required

Trial offer


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Trial offer includes basic cleaning, fluoride, exam and x-rays

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Included Services + Pricing

White Fillings


*Up to 10/year



*as needed

Teeth Whitening


*Once Annually

Deep Cleanings


*As needed



*up to 10/year



*as needed 

Basic Cleanings


*as Needed

Porcelain Crown

$275 Material fee

*Up to 5/year

Discount on Braces

$1500 off

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Free Smart Brush


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in your membership?

Basically everything you need to achieve and maintain oral health! The goal of Rising Dental Club is to have the healthiest patients in town. Our aim is to prevent and treat basic oral disease: everything from cleanings to toothaches. There are no co-pays and you will never receive a surprise bill in the mail. Thats our promise because we understand what your desire from your healthcare providers.

Services may include:

Porcelain crowns, white fillings, basic cleanings, deep cleanings, flouride, sealants, extractions, root canals, exams, virtual exams, imaging

What’s not included in your membership?

Elective, cosmetic, and complex services are offered at highly reduced prices to our members.

Our team consists of broad scope general dentists that are capable of treating many dental conditions, but not all dental conditions can be treated inside our locations. Think of us as the super-powered primary care providers of your oral health. We exist to become your long term dental care and maintenance solution and to break down many of the barriers to oral health that exist today.

Elective services may include but are not limited to:

Cosmetic Crowns/Veneers, Implants, Orthodontics/Invisalign, Dentures, Bone Grafts, Wisdom teeth/impacted teeth extractions, Sedation, Nightguards, Root Canal Retreatments, Complex Rehabilitations, Complex Oral Surgery.

What are some of the specialty service fees?

Root Canals $475

Cosmetic Veneers $600

Dental Implants $2000

Clear Aligners $3750

Nightguard $275

What if I require a referral to a specialist?

Our broad-scope general dentists can treat around 95% of dental problems. If you do require a referral to a specialist, our team will help you navigate the best place to go within our referral network. You would work directly with these providers as a cash pay patient.

Do you treat orthodontics?

Our providers are all Invisalign certified and capable of treating adults and children with Invisalign. Invisalign can treat most orthodontic conditions, but requires strict compliance of you or your child wearing the aligners. We offer Invisalign to our members at only $3,000, less than most insurance orthodontic co-pays. If you or your child desires traditional braces, because of compliance concerns, we can help you with a referral to a local orthodontist. You would work directly with these providers as a cash pay patient.

Speaking of kids, do you treat pediatric dentistry?

Our broad scope general dentists can treat most of the clinical needs our younger patients. Some children with dental treatment needs, have difficulty receiving care in a general dentist setting, and would be best suited for treatment by a pediatric dentist, potentially with various modes of sedation. We cannot guarantee treatment of your child’s dental needs. We can help you with a referral to a local pediatric dentist. You would work directly with these providers as a cash pay patient.

How do you work with dental insurance?

Rising Dental Club is not dental insurance, it is a Direct Dental Care. We provide all the general dental treatment needed to keep your mouth healthy, for one affordable monthly payment. We do not bill insurance, you have no co-pays, and you will never receive a surprise bill in the mail for treatment you’ve received. Instead of paying a dental insurance company monthly premiums, we believe those dollars should be applied directly on your behalf. Instead of the costly overhead it requires to administer dental insurance plans, we believe the savings should be applied directly on your behalf. The dental industry is broken, a better way is rising.

Can I use HSA/FSA funds to pay for my membership?
Many of our members choose to pay for their membership with HSA/FSA funds, but please consult your tax advisor regarding the use of tax advantaged funds to pay for direct care.
How does the contract work?

Rising Dental Club requires a 12-month commitment before joining. Our program is ideal for people who want to make long term changes in their oral health. Everybody requires some level of dental maintenance in order to keep a healthy mouth throughout life. Our current system has fostered reactive care which is costly and short lasting. We believe in proactive care that builds smiles that will last forever. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you cancel your membership before your first appointment, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid. We require a 12 month commitment from our members. After your first appointment, you are unable to receive a refund of membership fees for the first 12 months of membership. After your commitment term, you are free to cancel your membership at any time, but you may be ineligible for the lifetime warranty of any work administered under your membership. If you desire to rejoin Rising Dental Club, we would be happy to have you back, but you would need to pay the enrollment fee again and start a new 12 month commitment.