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How do you get the most incredible benefits?

Rising Dental Club is the solution to the broken trust caused by rising costs, production-driven care, and unused benefits. Direct Dental Care cuts out the middleman, giving patients broad-scope care and better access to their dentists for a flat monthly fee. Now patients and dentists can partner up in a relationship built on trust … and that initial toothache stands no chance of becoming a root canal.

Fixed Membership Fee

Provides access to all the dental treatment needed for complete, preventive oral health.

Barriers Broken

Broad-scope care without limits, maximums, or third-party interference.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Dentists focus on prevention instead of production which leads to optimal oral health.

Your family deserves better dental benefits. Just ask them.

Give them care that makes you look like a hero.

Dental costs are raising the roof … and yet the dental insurance industry hasn’t changed in twenty years. That’s a structural problem. Employer-sponsored dental insurance places barriers between dental providers and their patients, ruining the relationship and making everything more expensive. Rising costs, increased intervention, and decreased reimbursements drive dentists to need to produce more … which means less time and less trust with individual patients. Burned out by expensive care, employees pay more for benefits they often never use … foregoing the prevention that saves money and oral health in the long run.

Where dental insurance falls short

Discouraging Coverage

100/80/50 typical coverage discourages patients from getting necessary, and preventative dental work done.

Rising Costs = Lower Value

Out of pocket costs continue to rise, meaning employees get less value from their dental benefits.

Production over Prevention

With reimbursements going down, dental providers drive up volume giving less time to individual patients.

Insurance Takes the Wheel

Dental insurance companies become more involved in increasingly expensive healthcare decisions.

Why Does this Matter?

Because one out of three adults on employee-sponsored dental insurance don’t get the preventative care they need, or use the benefits they pay for, the link between systemic disease and periodontal disease is all too real. See the numbers for yourself:


People over the age of 30 that have some form of periodontal disease


Of adults don’t use their dental benefits

Annual health care cost associated with managing cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and periodontal disease

Why is Direct Dental Care better?

Because providers can spend the right kind of time with patients, they can build the trust that dentistry really needs. Employers save on healthcare costs, and give employees affordable, accessible dental care that fits their life. Learn more about the power of dental benefits from the ADA.


Employee Retention

A direct dental care membership provides so much more value than a traditional dental insurance policy. Your employees will be incredibly grateful for the unique care and pricing structure that they receive within the membership.


Lowering Costs

Healthcare costs are going up, but our mission is to make dentistry affordable for you and your team. We are participating in the national movement towards price transparency and lower overall healthcare costs.


Reduced Emergencies

By keeping your team’s oral health in check, we can reduce the amount of unplanned dental visits, which can have an impact on overall productivity and morale.


Virtual Visits

Our aim is to accomplish as many consultations as possible in a virtual setting, allowing your employees to get back to work fast and stay focused without time-consuming trips to the dentist.

Who else wants the highest standard of dental coverage?

We love helping self-employed individuals.

to provide the best dental benefits in the world

Traditional Insurance

100/80/50 after deductible

Sometimes includes orthodontics

$1000 - $1500 plan max

Production Focused Providers

Direct Dental Care

No Deductibles

No confusing limitations

No Maximums

No Insurance "middle-men"

No Surpise-Bills

Prevention Focused Providers

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